A System for Software Development using Formal Methods
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Thu Nov 6 16:28:00 MET 1997

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  •  CAMILA is a software development environment intended to promote the use of formal methods in industrial software environments.

CAMILA (Version 1.118) - Jan 16, 1998

To install CAMILA get the following files and follow the installation procedure described in README.



CAMILA Toolkit (Version 1.0) - available soon!

The CAMILA Standard Library - Jan 16, 1997

The modules already available are (click here for download):

The PRETTY-PRINT package (Version 1.0) - Nov 5, 1997

Automatic production of LaTeX specification documents directly from CAMILA sources.

Submitted Papers - Oct 7, 1997

The CAMTEX Package (Version 0.9) - Jul 16, 1997

A LaTeX package intended to incorporate evaluations of CAMILA expressions into LaTeX documents. NOTE: make "tar -zxvf camtex.tgz" to install and then use the "makefile" to generate the Users Guide".


A Reference Manual for CAMILA and the Bristol Lecture Notes are now available. Please report any typos found or suggestions for improvement to

 The CAMILA project has been funded by JNICT contract Ref. 169/90. 

 Copyright @ 1997 DI / INESC - Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal. All Rights Reserved.